Common Questions
How can I sign up for service?
Easy, go to the Order tab and enter your information. We will confirm your order and delivery date via e-mail
within one business day.
Can I choose what day and time my delivery arrives?
No. We determine your delivery day. We plan our routes as efficiently as possible. If your delivery is going to
an office we can usually deliver during office hours. Contact us to find out what day you would receive your
What happens to the box that my produce is delivered in?
We purchase durable corrugated boxes for delivery of produce. We request that you return the boxes to us
by leaving it at your delivery area the following week for our driver. The boxes are recyclable and are reusable
and can last for a very long time when treated kindly.
How can I determine if you service my area?
We deliver in the greater Redding area. This includes Shasta Lake City, Palo Cedro, Anderson, Cottonwood,
Red Bluff, Orland and more.  For more specific information please contact us.
How much produce is in each box?
Each box contains selections by number of serving, not by weight or volume.
How can I determine which box is right for my family?
Generally speaking, the Small Variety Box meets the weekly needs of 2 to 3 people and the Large Variety Box
meets the weekly needs of 3 to 5 people. Things to take into consideration are; how often you eat out, if you
consume an average amount of produce (which is much less than recommended), if you are a vegetarian and
how much extra produce you want to add to your order.
Where does the produce come from?
We base our menu on what our local organic farmers have available. We also purchase out of season and
specialty items from other reputable Certified organic farms.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Cash, Check, EBT, or Credit/Debt Card payable to Country Organics.
How do I pay for my produce?
You can pay COD by leaving cash or a check for the driver or you can prepay monthly. To make paying more
convenient many of our customers use the automatic bill paying service of their banks.
How fresh is the produce?
We purchase freshly harvested organic produce from your local organic farmers. Produce from out of the area
is shipped in and tipically arrives 1 or 2 days before your delivery.
What makes up the assorted salad, cooking and fruit side orders?
The side orders are made up of various items that we have ordered in addition to our usual menu items. They
vary from week to week. Side orders are always a great value.
2745 Bechelli Lane, Redding, CA 96002