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Tentative Menu
Assorted Fruit Box
Banana                     5
peach                       3
nectarines                4
Strawberries            1 lb
pluot                        3
Plum                        1 lb

Juicing Box
Apple                        6
Orange                      6-8
Lemon                       2
Juicing Carrots          4 lb
Beet Bunch                1
Kale                           1
Assorted Veggie Box  
Beets                          1 lb
Summer Squash          1 lb
Cilantro                       1
Onion                          1
Carrot Bunch               1
Cucumber                    1
Cherry Tomatoes          2
Avocado                       2
Lettuce                        1

*Our weekly menus are tentative because weather patterns, crop yield and quality of produce are not always
predictable. We make every effort to bring you only the very best produce available on the market.

**These items are not yet final, as we are checking availability and pricing.  As we finalize our order we will
update quantities on this page.

Additional items can be purchased along with a standard box. See the Additional Items tab on our web site. Please
contact us if you would like to be included in the weekly e-mail group. Usually this e-mail goes out Monday  

Please use the comment box on the order page to inquire about other additions.  
If you want to be sure that you receive a specific item with every delivery, add standing additions to your order.
Your standard addition will arrive with your scheduled box.
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Large Variety Box
Banana                        3
Plums                        1.5lb
Pluot                        1 lb
Peach/nectarine         3
Summer Squash          1 lb
Cilantro                        1
Onion                           1
Carrot Bunch                1
Cucumber                     1
Cherry Tomatoes          1
Lettuce                         1

LOCALifornia Box

Similar to Large Variety
Small  Variety box
Banana                    3
Pluots                      4
Plums                       1 lb
Peach/nectarine      2
Summer Squash      1 lb
Cilantro                   1
Carrot Bunch           1
Cucumber                1
Lettuce                     1