About Us
History of Country Organics

Country Organics was established with a
two fold purpose. First, to make farm
fresh organic produce convenient for
busy people like you. Secondly, to
support our community including local

The first deliveries were made on
August 3rd, 2003 by former owners, Jim
and Rachel Brown. Since that day many
of our new customers have been
personally referred by existing
customers. We count that as a

As current Country Organics owners,
Bob and Mandy Edmondson, we took
over Country Organics in June of 2006.  
Residents of Redding for over eighteen
years, we have felt the community's cry
for good, wholesome foods. On our own
health journey, we were referred to
Country Organics.  We became weekly
customers and appreciated the
convenience and quality of the
delivered produce.  As we begin this
new family adventure, we look forward
to what God has for this amazing
business.  We can't wait to serve others
the way we have been served!

Psalm 128 was given to
our family by Yahweh as
we made the
commitment to take
over this business:

"Blessed are all who fear
who walk in his ways.
You will eat the fruit of
your labor;
blessings and prosperity
will be yours.
Your wife will be like a
fruitful vine
within your house;
your sons will be like
olive shoots
around your table.
Thus is the man blessed
who fears Yahweh."
Organic produce is safe for children
Why Choose Country Organics?

Country Organics delivery makes fresh
organic produce convenient by
delivering it to your home or office.

Most of our produce is Certified organic
and meets the stringent standards of the
U.S.D.A.  Some of our Local produce is
grown using organic practices, but has
not been certified.

We receive produce 5 days a week at
our Marketplace here in Redding.  Let
back stock helps insure the freshest
produce possible.

Our varied weekly menu often includes
specialty items that are otherwise
unavailable to the area.

Farming updates, recipes, and produce
information is included in our weekly
Green Sheet.

Country Organics supports our local
community by keeping money in the
community. We purchase locally grown
organic produce when available.

Our pre-planned menus take the hassle
out of choosing seasonal produce.

We select each piece of produce for
you by hand.

We stand behind our 100% satisfaction
Who is Country Organics?

Country Organics is a family owned
business. We are passionate about
organic produce because we believe it
represents being good stewards of what
we have been given; our health and this
earth we all share. Not to mention how
much we enjoy the superior taste and
quality of organic produce.

Although, our family administrates and
operates Country Organics it is truly
made up of many people. The local
farmers are key to making Country
Organics possible. We work closely
alongside our farmers to guarantee that
we are able to obtain the very best
possible local produce. There are also
several naturopathic and nutritional
specialists that lend their wisdom. Many
of them support Country Organics by
being loyal customers and telling their
clients about us. Other people who
specialize in certain relevant areas also
lend a helping hand. Most important are
our loyal customers, many of whom have
been with us since we first started
delivering. Without our customers none
of this would be possible!
Locally grown organic peaches
2745 Bechelli Lane, Redding, CA 96002