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Shop at our Marketplace or choose Delivery.  We
offer Delivery of fresh organic produce weekly or
every other week to your home or office in the
greater Redding area.
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Gourmet Taste
There is a good reason why many gourmet chefs use
organic foods in their recipes, it tastes great!
Organic farming starts with the nourishment of the
plant and, ultimately, our plates.

Purchasing quality organic produce from Country
Organics is affordable. Ordering from Country
Organics is an exceptional value. Not having to go
to the market saves you both time and money.

Organic Agriculture respects the balance
demanded by a healthy ecosystem. Wildlife is
encouraged by including forage crops in rotation
and retaining fence and rows, wetlands and other
natural areas. By supporting organic farming you are
supporting the future.

Your produce will be delivered directly to your
home or office, saving you time and money.

We have extremely high standards when hand
selecting your produce. All of our produce is grown
by registered or certified organic farmers and
meets the stringent standards of the USDA. The
selection of produce each week varies to bring you
the very best seasonal and gourmet on the market.
Weekly Newsletter

Inside your produce box you will find the
Country Organics weekly newsletter
with important information and interesting
articles, the current weeks menu and the
tentative menu for the next week. In
addition, any special selections will be
listed as available.

A special selection called "Know Your
Produce" is often included to help you
become more familiar with the types of
produce you will receive and methods of
preparation. We will also feature Organic
News and Current Events in the world of
sustainable agriculture. We support our
community in many ways. Information about
how you can help will be located in the
newsletter from time to time.

Being healthy is more than just watching
what you eat.  Because of this, we also like
to bring other health information into our
newsletters.  Natural skin care, physical
fitness, emotional health and more will be
included in newsletter segments.
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